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Transform your knowledge, experience, hobbies, and interests into wealth

Let everyone to be innovative and creative while making money! Everyone could productizes themselves and become a creator of new products..

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Tweebaa offers you exclusive and innovative products for free, Tweebaa tycoonplace is the tool to showcase. Tweebaa earning ecosystem let every tycoons to be your own sales force. Start entrepreneurial journey now.

Innovative attention economy

Do not let your attentions, traffics to be someone’s else assets, but let it be the tool for yourself to monetize. Every views, clicks is adding value to yourself and earning rewards.


Turn your interests, hobbies, skills and experiences into unique products that generate value in your daily social life. Making money becomes simple, do not need to worry about how to earn.

The mission and vision of Tweebaa

Kevin Harrington - Original Shark of the ABC Hit TV Show "Shark Tank", the Founder of DRTV

Tweebaa is a game changer!!! Out of all the businesses that I have seen in my career, Tweebaa is one of the most innovative and stands out.

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With Tweebaa, anyone can turn anything into earnings

Tweebaa not only allows you to transform your interest, hobbies, experience and effort into digital products, but also turn your invention concept into a real product. We have over 16 years of experience in product development. Therefore, we are not only using tycoonplace as product showcase, but also provide you sales force from Tweebaa earning ecosystem. Together, we can offer you with the most upstream development and supply platform. We have prepared an all-in-one solution on development, manufacturing, supply and marketing service for you, all you need to do is to show us the best of you!

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Casey McClellan

Leivaire/Tweebaa took my design, quickly built two high quality prototypes and shipped them to me. We continuously shared ideas through e-mail and Leivaire/Tweebaa’s 3D CAD drawings to improve the product and changes were swiftly incorporated. We revised the design based on the prototypes and Leivaire/Tweebaa built a final prototype incorporating all of our changes.

Ernie Charette

I approached Leivaire/Tweebaa with the prototype who immediately recognized the potential and decided to join forces to develop Scoop N Go into a product reality! Leivaire/Tweebaa is not just another typical product development company. From a very innovative product development approach, working with them has been an amazing experience like no other!

Anthony Calvert

Tweebaa not only provides me with the resources necessary for success, but perhaps even more important to me is their integrity. This is an imperative quality. All of my interactions with Tweebaa have left me feeling comfortable with their level of honesty and openness. Tweebaa has revitalized me and the PODillow. I believe that partnering with Tweebaa has been a great decision.

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