How do we do it?

We put you in the middle of the product-to-market process, and empower you to be a social media influencer, entrepreneur, and product creator. We turn your hobbies, interests and experiences into profitable digital products.  Learn how

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    Build your free Tycoon Store

    Influence is one of your most valuable assets. The Tycoon Store is a very effective tool for building and accumulating your influence. It's a free, unique and sophisticated e-commerce website where you can create and sell digital products, share and earn on social media, collect business intelligence, live chat with customers, post blog, upload videos, get free inventory, get free order fulfillment and more. No programming skills are required. Build your Tycoon Store and start earning today!

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    Awaken and Accumulate Your Influence

    Do you recognize that you have wasted a lot of influence in the past and keep losing more everyday? A simple example is that you see a video or article shared by your friend. It could be viewed a million times, but the original creator does not know their own influence. The next time this person creates content, they will share it with a very limited group of people, and you will not have a chance to see it, because the person does not know you and has no way to reach you. The tweebaa® Tycoon Store is the most effective tool for capturing influence. You will be amazed by how much your followers increase after you begin to use the Tycoon Store, and you will be thrilled to see how much you earn from your influence. Accumulate your influence daily starting from today and become a profitable influencer soon!

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    Build Your Personal Brand

    Everyone has a brand. Have you recognized that? You could either make it very valuable or vice versa. With your Tycoon Store, you have the best tool to increase your influence and make your brand more attractive to followers and fans. You can also turn anything you love or are good at into a digital product and monetize your influence. No matter who you are--a writer, a photographer, a chef, a musician, a homemaker, an everyday full-time worker, or a student--as long as you have hobbies, information, or skills, you are able to be a content and digital product creator. Start to cherish and enhance your personal brand today!

  • Leverage the tweebaa® Earning Ecosystem

    You can create digital products using knowledge, tips, recipes, videos, music, services, or anything that could gain others’ interest. What if you want to sell tons of products in your Tycoon Store but you only have a very small network? The tweebaa® Earning Ecosystem is the best solution to conquer this challenge. You won't have to spend money to buy traffic or product exposure. Start to suggest your own products and experience the earning power of tweebaa. The tweebaa® Earning Ecosystem multiplies and magnifies the reach of your products to Tycoons, which allows you to benefit from the huge network of global Tycoons and earn big.


Effective tools to accelerate your success

Free Tycoon Store with a rapid set-up process and easy-to-use store builder.

Free access to innovative products that are exclusive to Tycoons.

Free product inventory, fulfillment and customer service for all tweebaa® products.

CRM solutions for product management, customer management, business analytics and intelligence, plus more.

Daily product deals with videos for your store

Create your own digital product and reach millions of consumers through the Earning Ecosystem. Learn how