Discover Your Hidden Value

By joining our social networking ecosystem, you can enhance your tangible, intangible, and social assets.

Who We Are
Tweebaa is the world’s 1st multi-dimensional value-exchanging social networking platform. We provide tools that enable you to earn whether you are a contributor to the social community, a seller, an influencer or a business, and it’s completely free. With Tweebaa you can earn simply by doing the things you do every day; liking, commenting, sharing and posting. You can also suggest, shop, sell or share physical and digital products with people all over the world to increase your earnings.
The Possibilities Are Endless
Everyone has skills or talents, however, it has not always been possible to earn from them. This is because those ideas or skills haven’t yet been developed to become marketable. With the help of Tweebaa, all that can change. Will you become a Tweebaa Millionaire?
With Tweebaa, we have democratized the standard business model to give you the ability and freedom to set the price for your value and products completely free. You have full control over how you choose to monetize yourself.
Tweebaa converts your influence into value. Now you can earn from every like, comment, share, post, and more! The more engaged you are, the higher your score and the more rewards you will receive.
Making money becomes simple with Tweebaa. Now you can turn your interests, hobbies, skills, and experiences into a business and create unique products that will bring you monetary value.
Starting your own business venture can be difficult, but with Tweebaa, our goal is:
to empower anyone to become a Tycoon in today’s marketplace with ease.
By removing the barriers of different platforms, languages, and locations, Tweebaa makes entering the marketplace accessible to all so that users worldwide can reach their goals.
At Tweebaa, any interests, skills, and experience you have are valuable.
Whether it's an exclusive recipe, parenting advice, or a fitness routine, you can turn it into a product and share it with users worldwide.
In the Tweebaa App,Here are some of the things you can explore.
The Wall page is the place to see both yours and all other Tycoons’ posts such as photos, videos, shares, and statuses. Here you can interact with other Tycoon’s from all over the world and like, comment, and share posts to earn immediate rewards! Most importantly, the more you post, the more free traffic you direct to your profile!
  • Here you can check out and join all the activities posted by different Tycoons and add your own activities for other Tycoons to join.
  • Here you can view all of the tasks you can do to earn exclusive TiV and Tweebucks bonuses.
  • Here you can view important business contacts all over the world. This is your Tweebaa business directory.
  • Here you can evaluate other Tycoons’ products and earn TiV and Tweebuck rewards. Selected evaluators also earn a lifetime commission every time a product is sold.
Product Showroom
The Tweebaa Product Showroom is completely different from other traditional E-commerce showrooms.
Our Showroom features both traditional physical products and digital products like your professional skills, work experience, and life skills. When you discover a unique product that you like, you can add it to your profile and earn a commission reward off of every purchase made from your profile.
The Message page allows you to get connected with other users from around the world. Here you can view, create, and manage your chats and groups.
The Me page is your Tycoonplace. Here you can update and customize your profile, access and manage all of your personal information, view and calculate your earnings, and much more!
What People Say About Us
Tweebaa is a game changer!!!
Out of all the businesses that I have seen in my career, Tweebaa is one of the most innovative and standouts. The concept of Earning Commerce is brilliant, it empowers everyone to use their creativity to create extra income and empower their own outcome. I have a strong belief in Tweebaa’s amazing future!
Kevin Harrington
Kevin Harrington
The inventor of the infomercial and the pioneer of the DRTV.
The original “Shark” of the hit TV show Shark Tank.
Tweebaa holds the very highest promise for parlaying our most creative efforts in social networking into economic advantage. It is a new age whereby our individuality tied to technology can yield success, meaning, as well as profit.
It is my honor to join the Tweebaa team in the mission of allowing dedicated people to translate their focus into opportunity. It is a service: where that is afforded, business will thrive. May the journey with Tweebaa continue in its blessings.
Steven Rockefeller Jr.
The fifth generation of the Rockefeller family
Tweebaa's core team member
The moment I heard about Tweebaa, my first thought was "Genius."
Tweebaa is going to change everything about the landscape of how retail gets done. It is an evolution that no one expected, but everyone is going to want. It is the future!
Cory Bergeron
Cory Bergeron
President and founder of Pitch Video
I LOVE Tweebaa!
It is the next way that the retail world will be shopping and sharing. Their model of sharing, shopping, and earning is so brilliant and a unique way on how retail shopping is done!
Jeni Bond
Jeni Bond
Popular host on the HSN
Trust me when I say, that the retail world is just not set up for the “inventor” to find success. Tweebaa offers a solution to this problem.
Since partnering with Tweebaa, I have seen achievements in manufacturing, marketing, and sales that I would never have been able to accomplish on my own. Their ability to just “make things happen” is truly impressive.
Anthony Calvert
Anthony Calvert
Inventor of the PODillow
Working with Tweebaa has been a true pleasure.
Tweebaa took my design, quickly built two high quality prototypes and shipped them to me. We revised the design and Tweebaa built a final prototype incorporating all of our changes. I’m truly looking forward to working with Tweebaa on future projects.
Casey McClellan
Casey McClellan
Inventor of Top Hanger
Kevin Harrington
Cory Bergeron
Jeni Bond
Bob Fehring
Anthony Calvert