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  but how do you PROFIT ?

Tweebaa is the value based social network, to empower and monetize your influences and creativities

1st Social Network of value in blockchain to monetize YOU

Tycoon is a person of exceptional wealth,power and influence.

It is YOU

Tweebaa Tycoon is more than a member. Tweebaa gives you a tycoonplace---your personal website

Where you can gain influences, dollars and much more earning opportunities.

In Tycoonplace, everything in YOU is valuable earning resource.

Tweebaa gives tweebaa tycoon a tycoonplace - a personal website

Free Inventory to Empower Your Earning Potentials

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    Suggested Resell: $39.99
    Tycoon Cost: $19.99
    Profit Margin:100.04%

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    Suggested Resell: $369.99
    Tycoon Cost: $146.00
    Profit Margin:153.42%

    Physical Products

    Get the latest innovative products hand picked by tweebaa without worrying about keeping your inventory. Simply sell it and tweebaa will take care of the rest. You can also add your own physical products from other suppliers or developed by yourself, make it available to our thousands of tycoons and let them be your sales force. Earning is easy!

    Be Tweebaa Tycoon
  • Digital Products

    People love entertainment, life advices, creative ideas or opportunities. You can monetize your creativity and your own experience by turning it into a digital product. It means you are transforming your own knowledge, interest, hobbies, special experience, skills, or tips in the form of digital videos, audios, ebooks, articles or moments. Selling it through tweebaa and let our tycoons market it worldwide for you. Help others and earn now!

    Be Tweebaa Tycoon
  • Pre-Sale Products

    Think about how the latest gadgets sell millions of units before they are in the market? You can do the same with tweebaa innovative pre-sale products too. They have not hit the market yet but you can start your earning before others do by selling it on your own tycoonplace. Be the first!

    Be Tweebaa Tycoon
  • Free Products

    We offer limited time offer free products for you to use for promotion. If you want more selection, you can create your own digital products and make it as free products for your customers as well. Engage your customers and gain their confidence. Establish your own followers now!

    Be Tweebaa Tycoon

What tycoonplace can do for you?

1.Increase Influences and Followers
Tycoonplace provides you with an interconnected network to maximize your influences and increase your followers.
2.Monetize the Traffic
Convert your existing traffic and followers into money, turn your influence and subscribed tycoons into your financial benefit.
3.Redefine Human Relations
Create new types of human relationships, enhance people’s social attributes, upgrade them to mutual benefits, and upgrade content exchange to value exchange.
4.Complete Commodity Value Chain Solution
From the production of goods to the supply of inventory and the sales services, everything are provided by tweebaa. It helps users to grow businesses without investment.
5.Creation of Personal Value
You can create your ideas or skills on tycoonplace and transform into digital products in the form of audio, video, text and other media. Tycoonplace can help you to create value and exchange it to enhance your life.
6.Blockchain Distribution Platform
Tycoonplace is not only a platform for creating value, but also a platform for recording your value activities.

Your influence is your asset

Start to build, accumulate and multiply the reach of your influence in the tweebaa Earning Ecosystem

6 Simple Steps to Monetize YOU as tweebaa tycoon

No matter who you are: a writer, photographer, chef, musician, homemaker, part-time/full-time worker, student or retired person. As long as you have hobbies, information, skills, or resources, you are one of tweebaa’s product creator with your personal brand. Start to cherish and enhance your own brand now!
Tweebaa tycoon is a person of exceptional wealth, power and influence. It is a lot more than a member, you have your own tycoonplace, where you can gain influences, income or other earning opportunities.
The tycoonplace is a very effective tool for building and accumulating your influence. It is a free, unique and the newest earning commerce platform where you can create and sell physical and digital products, share and earn on social networks, collect business intelligence data, live chat with customers, post blogs, upload videos, get free inventory with fulfillment and much more. No programming skills required. Build your tycoonplace and start earning today!
Do you recognize that you have wasted a lot of influence in the past and keep losing more everyday? Influence is one of your most valuable assets. A simple example is that you found something interesting, you created a video and shared with your friend. It could have been viewed a million times, if it was shared with millions. In reality, this is not the case as people who will be interested in your share does not have a way to reach you. tweebaa tycoonplace resolved this challenge for you by having thoursands of tycoons to spread out your creation.
Worry about how to market? The tweebaa® Earning Ecosystem is the best solution to conquer this challenge. You don’t have to spend money to buy traffic or product exposure. Start suggesting your own products and experience the earning power of tweebaa. The tweebaa® Earning Ecosystem multiplies and magnifies the reach of your products to tycoons, which allows you to benefit from the huge network of global tycoons and earn big.
The tweebaa® tycoonplace is the most powerful tool for capturing influence. You will be amazed to see the increase of your followers after you have started your tycoonplace. Be thrilled to see how much you can earn from your influence. Accumulate your influence daily starting today and become a profitable influencer soon!