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TweeBot® Hands-free Bluetooth® Communicator

  • Completely MOBILE; connects to smartphone / device to go anywhere
  • No additional roaming/activation fees
  • Dual USB car charge adapter included
  • Use VOICE COMMANDS for complete HANDS FREE:
    • Answer and make calls
    • Read and send texts and emails
    • Play music over the internal speaker
    • Get directions
    • Post on Facebook or Twitter
    • …and so much more!

TweeBot® Mini Totally Hands-Free Communicator

Tweebot Mini provides all the hands-free features and ultra-convenience of TweeBot, but in a super-compact size.

  • Completely MOBILE; connects to smartphone / device to go anywhere
  • No additional roaming/activation fees
  • Use VOICE COMMANDS for complete HANDS FREE:
smart light


Totally Hands-Free with Built-in Bluetooth ® communicator
Turning your lights on and off with your voice is just the beginning! The Tweebaa Smart Light easily pairs with Smartphones or other Bluetooth enabled devices, allowing you to make & receive phone calls, read & send text messages and play music without the touch of a button.


Smart Doorbell

With the Internet connected camera, speaker and microphone, achieve two-way communication between the front door, the wireless video receiver and your mobile device. The Smart Doorbell sends video, sound and notifications to you whether you are at home, running errands or traveling across country.  


Senior Care with Smart Sensors

The perfect solution to care for the most important people in your life. Provides real-time update on movement of objects. No uncomfortable security cameras, no intrusive system, and no wearable devices.


Smart Capture Camera

This high resolution camera is great for home security, as a hunting accessory, for capturing special occasions and much more.
With an adjustable, motion-activated passive infrared (PIR) sensor, photos or videos are taken when movement is detected. Watch for suspicious activity while you are home or away, or setup this device in your favorite hunting spot to see what's happening. Lightweight to carry, easy to install, convenient to access videos and photos via WiFi remotely.   

Home System

Z-Wave Smart Home System

Complete Smart Home Solution! Provides full protection of your home at the convenience of your fingertips!

  • Lock/Unlock Doors
  • Open/Close the Curtains
  • Turn On/Off lights and adjust the brightness
  • Access the video doorbell
  • View Security Camera
  • Control appliances such as TV and AC

Compact Low Resistance Exercise Bike

ExerSeat is a unique, hands-free exercise bike with adjustable resistance for any user. It's design encourages good, straight posture aiding to strengthen the core as well as your lower body. Multi-tasking is easy. Read a book, use your tablet or smartphone or change channels on the television with ease while exercising.