Reward Points

Reward Points are one way tweebaa helps you earn. When you do tweebaa activities—share products, invite others to join tweebaa, suggest products for Tycoon Stores, evaluate products, create or share collages, play games in the tweebaa app, and sign in to tweebaa—you earn points. The more you do, the more you earn! The higher your points, the larger your discount on the wholesale price tweebaa charges you for products, which means you will have higher profit margins on products sold in your Tycoon Store.

Reward Points Table:
The table below tell you how many points you will earn for each activity.

Tycoon ActivitiesReward Points Earned
Daily log in1
When you log in on 7 days in 1 week (Log In Bonus)10
Someone joins tweebaa based on your invitation30
Suggest a product5
Complete an evaluation survey5
Product you suggested undergoes a tweebaa Review50
Product you suggest enters Test-Sale500
Each US dollar paid to tweebaa to fulfill a customer’s order for a product you suggested (Sales Bonus)1
Each US dollar paid to tweebaa to fulfill a customer’s order for a product you shared (Sales Bonus)1
Product you evaluated enters Test-Sale200
Create a collage50
Each time a unique person clicks on a collage or product link you shared1
Each US dollar spent in your Tycoon Store on tweebaa products (tweebaa Product Bonus)1
Each point earned from playing tweebaa games1

Reward Points Rules:
  • Reward Points cannot be transferred to another person or between tweebaa accounts.
  • Reward Points cannot be redeemed for tweeBucks or commissions.
  • Reward Points do not have a cash value.
  • Reward Points expire after 18 months.
  • You earn a maximum of 10 Reward Points per day for each link shared.
  • You earn a maximum of 200 reward points per week for creating collages, but there is no limit on the number of collages you can create.
  • Each point you earn for playing games in the tweebaa app gives you 1 Reward Point; the points in the games are Reward Points. Playing any of the games will give you a maximum of 20 points each day.
  • Sales made during the Test-Sale stage do not count towards Sales Bonus Reward Points.