About Us

World's Only Earning Commerce Platform


Our Mission :

Tweebaa’s mission is to empower and monetize everybody’s potential, provide free exposure to products and services making it reach more and more consumers with ZERO marketing cost. We have redefined E-commerce as Earning Commerce - a platform of unlimited earning opportunities. Everyone in Tweebaa is a Zero Investment Partner, sharing a collaborative partnership between people looking to monetize their potential and business looking to grow globally at no cost.


Tweebaa Earning Commerce Platform :

Tweebaa Earning Commerce is designed for everyone, including entrepreneurs, inventors, manufacturers, consumers, career seekers, and homemakers. We have redefined the world of “commerce” to “Earning-Commerce” where every participant has huge potential to earn without much effort and zero investment. Our tweebaa members are “Zero investment partners”.

At Tweebaa, we like to dream big. We give everyone a way to earn through SHARING. Share the products you like in our Suggest section. Share your feedback about new products in Evaluate section and share the cool tweebaa items with your friends in social media. Each of these activities means earning for you without any efforts. We simplify Earning!

We have made it easy for everyone to start their own business without any risk or investment, that’s Tweebaa Earning Retailer, anyone can create their personal store using our simple tool and sell online. No need to bother about inventory, shipping & handling or returns. We take care of everything, while you earn.

We partner with inventors, manufacturers and distributors making our store a collection of unique products at great prices. Shopping at tweebaa is not only about getting a great value but everyone earns tweebaa reward points, simply for shopping with us. More shopping means more fun!

Tweebaa Earning Seller and Earning Warehouse means any manufacturer or reseller can reach the consumers directly anywhere in the world without huge resources. We take care of marketing, sales, customer service and even logistics for our partners, it's a new M2C revolution.


Earn extra income Start business at no cost , no need to quit current job New career opportunities


tweebaa Earning warehouse strategy allows FREE traffic M2C (manufacturer to consumer) online solution with NO SERVICE FEE


tweebaa Earning Retailer strategy provides no-cost inventory and FREE drop shipping service


Save time on filtering good products FREE testing on sales potential to avoid expensive TV commercial testing

About Our Mascot -Earnie

Earnie, our famous Tweebaa Mascot is a red round guy with 4 flashing lights on his head. He is everywhere on Tweebaa and it is very easy to recognize. His mission is to go all over the world to help different people to fulfill their dreams, so most of the time you can see he is holding a globe. No matter who you are or how old you are, Earnie is happy to assist you. He treats everyone as a friend and he is always full of fun.

As you might have noticed, his name is “Earnie” = Earning. He represents tweebaa by teaching people how they can earn more. He appears on most of tweebaa videos to show audiences all the steps they need to follow to earn more. He is also the host of the tweebaa App, where you can play with him and earn big. Earnie uses his unique technique to guide anyone to reach their earning goal faster and easier. He is the ideal role model for everyone who would like to start their earning adventure at tweebaa. Be prepared to start your new life with Earnie.


Our History

The birth of Tweebaa

Founded in 2002, LEIVAIRE INC. has assisted a vast number of clients from Europe and North America in manufacturing products that were of high quality and low cost. We help inventors design, develop, manufacture and promote products worldwide through the use of various media. Leivaire’s mandate is to turn ideas into products and sell them globally. Leivaire has developed key proficiencies, relationships, and expertise to fundamentally change the way people shop. Leivaire is now ready to embark on our vision for the future:

As consumers around the world use technology both in “social” and “commerce” forms, Leivaire is committed to building an online community which merges social media and e-commerce. We have a vision to redefine the social and e-commerce into something better, where we are helping the masses to share resources and wealth so that everyone can live richer, safer and more productive lives.

This vision is now on its way to becoming a reality. It’s called Tweebaa.


Our Team

Our teams are based across our Canadian HQ, US office and China offices. Our team is responsible for product development, manufacturing, quality assurance, R&D, website technology & customer service. We pride ourselves on our capable, ambitous and trustworthy management team.