What is Tweebaa

A unique no-cost, unlimited earning platform

Tweebaa Earning Commerce is designed for everyone, including entrepreneurs, inventors, manufacturers, consumers, career seekers, and homemakers. We have redefined the world of “commerce” to “Earning-Commerce” where every participant has big potential to earn without much effort but zero investment. We call our Tweebaa members “Zero investment partners”.

At Tweebaa, we like to dream big. So here it goes. We would like to give YOU a brand new career.

Tweebaa offers an exciting career alternative. We give everyone a way to earn through SHARING. Share the products in our Suggest zone. Share your feedback about the products in Evaluate zone and share the cool items with your friends in our Share zone. Just from these activities with little effort, you can earn without any investment. It is that simple .

Everyday Users

  • Earn extra income
  • Start business at no cost , no need to quit current job
  • New career opportunities


  • Tweebaa Earning warehouse strategy allows FREE traffic
  • M2C (manufacturer to consumer) online solution with NO SERVICE FEE

Online store owners

  • Tweebaa Earning Retailer strategy provides no-cost inventory and FREE drop shipping service

DRTV Marketers

  • Save time on filtering good products
  • FREE testing on sales potential to avoid expensive TV commercial testing

The World's ONLY Earning Commerce Platform

Browse the Tweebaa Shop or Share & Earn. Our Tweebaa Shop consists of inspirational products that our team and members find from all around the globe. We feel the combination of unique products and great prices will give everyone including our members a fantastic reason to SHARE our products with friends and families.

Tweebaa Earning Retailer is for those who want to own the business but cannot invest . We have a huge store available for anyone who wants to have his own business. Simply select the products, keep it in your personal e-store, and sell it through any online channel. You get paid by customer first before placing orders to Tweebaa. We take care of inventory, shipping, handling and returns.

We also introduce Tweebaa Earning Warehouse for manufacturers who want to reach the global consumers directly but do not have huge resources. Any manufacturer can register with us as a Earning Warehouse partner and can ship their goods to our warehouse. We take care of marketing, sales, customer service, warranty and returns without any service charges. This is a M2C revolution you never heard before in the world of commerce.

No matter what you do or where you are, Tweebaa offers an alternative career, which brings huge earning in everyone's life. With much more to explore, please enjoy your new life with Tweebaa.

Please visit our Education section for more information and discover how YOU CAN EARN WITH TWEEBAA EARNING COMMERCE.


About Our Mascot - Earnie

Earnie, our famous Tweebaa Mascot is a red round guy with 4 flashing lights on his head. He is everywhere on Tweebaa and it is very easy to recognize. His mission is to go all over the world to help different people to fulfill their dreams, so most of the time you can see he is holding a globe. No matter who you are or how old you are, Earnie is happy to assist you. He treats everyone as a friend and he is always full of fun.

As you might have noticed, his name is “Earnie” = Earning. He represents tweebaa by teaching people how they can earn more. He appears on most of tweebaa videos to show audiences all the steps they need to follow to earn more. He is also the host of the tweebaa App, where you can play with him and earn big. Earnie uses his unique technique to guide anyone to reach their earning goal faster and easier. He is the ideal role model for everyone who would like to start their earning adventure at tweebaa. Be prepared to start your new life with Earnie!