TIPS! At Tweebaa, we strive to offer exciting product and unbeatable prices and we’d like YOU to help us discover them! We are relying on suggesters like you to tell us about emerging items, useful gadgets and must-have consumer products. After each product you Suggest, our Evaluators (Tweebaa members) will determine whether it has potential and advances to the Test-Sale stage. If enough orders are received during Test-Sale, the product will be sold in the Tweebaa Shop and you will earn a commission on all sales of the product for life!


We believe that every individual has the power to find good consumer products. With a little practice, you might become an expert suggester and earn substantial income.

Companies can suggest products, too! If you are a Supplier (manufacturer, distributor, agent, etc.), Tweebaa offers you a platform to promote and sell your product to the worldwide market. Learn more about the Supply Zone. (Coming Soon)

You will earn suggest zone reward points according to how often you suggest and how successful your products are in reaching the Tweebaa Shop. There are 10 levels in the Suggest Zone; a member’s accrued points will determine his/her Suggest Zone Level. If you suggest a product that is eventually sold in the Tweebaa Shop, you will earn a commission according to your Suggest Zone Level at the time you suggested the product*.

The following table describes how to earn Suggest Zone Reward Points:
For each approved suggestion You Suggest a new product on Tweebaa. After reviewed by the Tweebaa team, it is determined that the submission falls within Tweebaa guidelines. +5 points
When product is sold in Tweebaa Shop (Excludes Test-Sale purchases) Suggester of the product receives a commission of 0.5% to 1% of product’s selling price for Successful Purchases in Tweebaa Shop. For commission level, please see the Commission Chart. Commission is earned in TweeBucks and redeemable for cash!Bonus +25 points
When product is Tweebaa-Approved (Excludes Test-Sale purchases) In order to become "Tweebaa-Approved", a product must first pass the evaluation stage (receive 300 positive evaluations) and then sell a designated number of "test-sale" orders (test-sale quantity will vary by product). Bonus +30 points

In addition you can earn points in EVERY zone by checking in daily and referring new members.
Daily Check-In Log in to your Member Account every day! For each day that you click on "Daily Check-In", you will earn one point in each zone. Bonus +1 points
Daily Check-In For each week that you check-in every day, you'll earn a BONUS 10 points in each zone!Bonus +10 points
New member referral Each time you refer a new Tweebaa member who registers, you will receive 30 points in all three zones! New members must either (1) list your email address as the referring friend or (2) register from your shared link. Bonus +30 points

*Commission percentage is based upon your Suggest Zone Level at the time of Submission (not at the time of product sale).

No matter if you are an individual, manufacturer or supplier, as a Tweebaa member you are invited to start suggesting products and earning rewards.

Every suggested product must pass through three stages (Public Evaluation, Tweebaa Review and Test-Sale) before it will be offered for sale in the Tweebaa Shop.

Evaluation: Items suggested by Tweebaa members will first enter our Evaluation Stage. This is where other members will weigh in on products they like…products they dislike…and their likelihood of purchasing (Note: see Evaluate Zone to learn how YOU can be an evaluator!). Once a product receives 300 favorable evaluations, it will move to Tweebaa Review stage.

Tweebaa Review: This is where Team Tweebaa will take a closer look at suggested products. We’ll review competition, pricing, availability and some other factors to ensure that the product meets Tweebaa criteria. We will contact the suggester too, to gather additional supply information needed for our review.

Test-Sale: If our Tweebaa Review deems a product worthy of advancing, the product will advance to the Test-Sale Stage. This is the true test of whether people will purchase. Each Test-Sale product will have 60 days to sell a pre-determined target quantity in order to pass or fail. The target quantities will vary by product and are based on different factors. If the product sells the target quantity within the 60-day time-frame, the item is officially TWEEBAA-APPROVED and will advance to the Tweebaa Shop. That means the suggester will begin earning Solid Cash! The suggester will receive 30 TweeBucks upon passing the Test-Sale stage, and will begin to earn commissions on every sale of the product!


Successful suggesters can make a great income! It does take some work to gather submission information and create great descriptions.but once your submissions advance through the Tweebaa process and reach the Tweebaa Shop, there's no more work...just sit back and collect your commission (between 0.5% and 1%). Better yet, continue to Suggest even MORE products and watch the commissions grow!

For best chance of success, select the right products!

To achieve success by Suggesting to Tweebaa, the key is to choose products that our members will SHARE. The members who share your suggested product become your sales force; they promote your suggestion to their friends, family and network. and with every sale you will EARN.

Why do Tweebaa members share products? Some members share because it’s fun. Other members share because they can earn commission rewards. And still other members share because they feel fulfilled by spreading the word and helping their friends.

Fundamentally, members are sharing products because something about the products is inspiring and, well, shareable! Here are some tips for finding great Tweebaa products to Suggest. Compelling product features…

  • Unique – Members might not be compelled to share a basic pillow – not too exciting, right? But what about a pillow that allows you to lounge face-down and is perfect while sunbathing or getting a massage…now that’s different and unique! (And it’s available on Tweebaa. check out Podillow!). Tweebaa members love to be trend-setters by sharing unique products that aren’t available just anywhere.

  • Problem solving – You have undoubtedly seen the “As Seen on TV” commercials that promise to make you thinner, more beautiful, or make life much easier. Key to the success of those TV products is their ability to solve common, everyday problems. By identifying a problem and reminding consumers how bothersome that particular problem is, the commercials create a sense of urgency which translates to impulsive purchases. At Tweebaa, we call these “Aha! Products”. Tweebaa members love to share problem-solving products that help make their friends life easier!

  • Great prices –We love to offer super values at the Tweebaa Shop. We call these products “unbreathable” because the prices take our breath away. Would you consider a light bulb inspiring and shareable? No? (You can buy light bulbs anywhere, right?) Ok what about the latest LED light bulb which normally sells for $XX.0 while Tweebaa priced at $xx.00. Is that inspiring and shareable? Yes! Tweebaa members love a great bargain, and they love to help their friends save money.
  • Once you’ve identified great Tweebaa products, you’ll need to spend some time gathering user content: product images, supply source, and great descriptions. The quality of your submission may be the difference between success and failure. A complete submission with high-quality images and vivid description will help persuade Evaluators to respond favorably and advance your submission to the Test-Sale stage. Take care with your submission to present it in the most favorable light. A good suggester thinks like an advertising executive… the more compelling the message, the more people will pay attention to it.

  • Important note: Do NOT suggest confidential information/content on the suggested form. Due to the process of Tweebaa, suggested products will enter a public evaluation stage with NO obligations to keep the suggested information in confidence.

  • We recommend that you prepare the following user content information before you begin a product submission.
  • Product name. A descriptive product name can attract more attention. For example, instead of “Litter Box”, use something more descriptive like “Kitty Litty – flip-style, fast-cleaning cat litter box”.
  • Tags. Tags can help to describe your product, and can enable a product to be found by browsing or searching. We use an informal tag system; simply type in keywords that apply to your product and/or the category in which your product belongs. For example, a face-down pillow for massage and sunbathing might have the following tags: summer, outdoors, beach, sand, pillow, massage, recreation.
  • Brief description. Consider this section your “headline”. It should grab attention and make them want to learn more about the product. It’s a short summary only; further details will be listed in the following two sections.
  • Detailed description. This is your opportunity to SELL YOUR PRODUCT! The more descriptive you are, the better chance that the product will catch the attention of Tweebaa members and shoppers (leading to product success). Tell us what problem the product solve. how it works, and why people should purchase your clever product. Make sure you use professional product descriptions. For best results:
  • Provide an abundance of information to share how GREAT the product is!
  • Use correct grammar.
  • Take care with punctuation.
  • Use spell check.

  • Features and Benefits. In this section, you can call attention to particular features and attributes of the product, or provide a list of benefits. Include as many features as possible to help generate more positive evaluations and bigger sales. You can use a bulleted list to list the info clearly.
  • Images. Make sure you have GREAT IMAGES. For best results:
  • Image sizes must be between 600x600 pixels and 1200x1200 pixels. (see sidebar for guidance on how to size your images)
  • Make sure you have attractive photos which show the product in best lighting and angle.
  • White background is preferred.
  • Do not include any text on images (no phone numbers, websites or offers).
  • Clearly show the product benefits/solutions.
  • You can include 5 images for each product submission (the more, the better!).

  • Video. We suggest a demonstration video, 2 minutes or less, showing the product in use. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is priceless! We support the following formats (Max 5 MB): wmv, mov, mp4, flv. Alternatively, you can list a URL which links to the video (ex: Youtube).
  • Supplier info. For every product that you suggest, you'll need to find a supply source. If you are new to sourcing the product supply, don’t worry! Let Tweebaa show you how to find suppliers. It may take a little research but soon you will become a sourcing expert!

Suggestions on finding Supply Source:

    Start with a product you love.
    1. Check out the packaging; chances are that it will list the name of the manufacturer / distributor right on the package. Try contacting that company to request wholesaler information.
    2. Try contacting Contract Manufacturers (companies that will manufacture to your specifications). If you can provide them with product details/images and/or sample, they should be able to quote you a manufacturing price. Try searching the internet. If you have a dog leash, try searching for “dog leash manufacturers”. You can narrow down results by including a geographic area, such as “dog leash manufacturers USA”.
    3. Try searching on or thomasnet for additional manufacturing resources.
    Search for a product to love..
    1. If you don’t have a particular product in mind yet, try selecting a category, for example let’s say you want to choose the household/kitchen category. Try going to and select the ‘Home & Garden’ category and ‘Tableware’ sub-category. A long list of available products will come up. You can scroll through that list until you find something you like, or refine your search even further by entering keyword, like ‘Pitcher’. See an item you like? Make sure it is compelling: either unique, problem-solving, or great prices. Then just click on “Company Profile” and you will be directed on how to contact that company for pricing information.
    2. When you start looking for cool products, you might be amazed at all the resources. Craft shows. Catalogues. TV Shows like “Shark Tank”. Take a browse through Pinterest or eBay. Specialty stores at your local shopping mall might turn up some unique items.

  • Price. Set a reasonable selling price based on your supplier’s cost. This might take a little research. You can start by researching similar items, and checking their selling price.

    Here’s what the Suggest Form looks like:


Tweebaa requires images between 600 and 1200 resolution to conform with our website and enable zoom-in feature.

Need help sizing your images?

If your image is TOO SMALL…

Small images won’t look good on our website, and we want you to put your best foot forward so your product has greatest chance of success! Please visit the source/supplier to request larger images, or if you have a product sample yourself, take a photo with minimum 600x600 resolution.

If your image is TOO LARGE…

Open a photo-editing software (like Windows Paint), then open the image and click on “Resize”. You will probably have a choice to resize by Percentage or by Pixel. Select Pixel, and make sure you check the box which says “Maintain aspect ratio”. Then, whichever dimension is larger (either horizontal or vertical), enter 1200 pixels. Save the image.

  • Click on “Suggest” and select the “Suggest a Product” button. You will be asked to “Log in”, or if you are not a Tweebaa member, to “Register”.
  • Follow instructions, completing each step of the suggest form.
  • If you are unable to complete your suggest at one time, you may click the “Save” button and your work will be saved in your Member Account. Come back later when you’re ready to complete your submission.
  • After you finish entering all the information on the Submission Form, click the “Submit” button. (You also have options to “Preview” or “Save” your work.)
  • Once Tweebaa determines that the submission is complete and meets Tweebaa guidelines, it will advance to the Evaluation Stage where members will be asked to take a quick survey.
  • If the suggestion receives 300 positive evaluations, it will advance to the “Tweebaa Review” stage. Tweebaa will need additional information from the supplier in order to complete the review.
  • Tweebaa will contact the supplier to confirm pricing, availability, delivery lead time, MOQ, warehousing, etc. and execute a Supply Agreement.
  • If you are an individual suggesting the product, Tweebaa will compare your supplier price with that of other suppliers to ensure the most competitive pricing.
  • Tweebaa shall have the absolute right to decline any submission for any reason.
  • All Products are tangible goods and are not an invention concept, business idea, service or method of doing business.
  • Products shall be commercially available; not investment opportunities.
  • Submissions will NOT be treated confidentially; do not suggest any confidential information.
  • Products shall not be counterfeit or stolen items.
  • Products shall not knowingly infringe upon any third party's intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights).
  • Products shall not violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation (including, but not limited to, those governing export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or false advertising).
  • Products shall not contain items that have been identified by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) as hazardous to consumers and therefore subject to a recall.
  • Products shall not be defamatory, be trade libelous, be unlawfully threatening, be unlawfully harassing, impersonate or intimidate any person (including Tweebaa staff or other users), or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with any person, through for example, the use of similar email address, nicknames, or creation of false account(s) or any other method or device.
  • Products shall not be obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or illegal in any respect.
  • Products shall not host images unrelated to the submission, or link to or reference any website or phone number.
  • If the same (or substantially similar) product is suggested by multiple suggesters, Tweebaa shall have the right to decline submissions based on the competing products.
  • Tweebaa shall have the absolute right to decline any submission for any reason.
  • Tweebaa does not accept product from the following categories:
    1. Pharmaceuticals / Drugs
    2. Weapons
    3. Real estate