Visit the Evaluate Zone and browse the many items that have been Suggested by our members (see Suggest Zone). Success or failure of each item hinges on whether evaluators like YOU vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to advance items closer to the Tweebaa Shop.

Evaluating is pretty easy…just find an ’evaluate’ item that interests you, then complete a 5 question survey. By evaluating and sharing your opinion, you have the power to assist in the growth and popularity of products. Your feedback will help identify new products that Tweebaa members want to buy, and as an evaluator of successful products you have potential to EARN REWARDS!

  • You will earn evaluate zone reward points according to how often you evaluate and how accurate your evaluations are. There are 10 reward point levels in the Evaluate Zone; a member’s accrued points will determine his/her Evaluate Zone Level. If you evaluate a product that is eventually sold in the Tweebaa Shop, you MAY earn a free gift or a commission according to your Evaluate Zone level at the time you evaluated the product*.

    Each member can evaluate up to 10 products per day. To maximize your Evaluate Zone Reward points, select your evaluation products carefully as inaccurate evaluations may lead to lost points.
  • *Commission percentage is based upon your Evaluate Zone Level at the time of Evaluation (not at the time of product sale).
  • The following table describes how to earn Evaluate Zone Reward Points:

For each completed
You complete and Suggest the evaluation survey for a Tweebaa product. You can evaluate a maximum of ten Tweebaa products per day.
Note: Members may evaluate their own product submissions, but are not eligible for Evaluator rewards.
+1 points
Each successful An evaluation is considered "successful" if you answer “Yes” to this evaluation question and the product subsequently DOES advance:
"Do you believe this product will go to Tweebaa Shop eventually? (Yes/No)".
Since advancing to the Tweebaa Shop can take some time, it will require some patience to receive these result points!
Tip #1: Share evaluation products! Encourage others to evaluate too and help the product advance.)
Tip #2: Don’t carelessly support products…keep in mind that inaccurate evaluations will result in deducted points.
+15 points

  • In addition you can earn points in EVERY zone by checking in daily and referring new members.

Daily Check-In Log in to your Member Account every day! For each day that you click on "Daily Check-In", you will earn one point in each zone. Bonus +1 point
Daily Check-In For each week that you check-in every day, you'll earn a BONUS 10 points in each zone! Bonus +10 point
New member referral Each time you refer a new Tweebaa member who registers, you will receive 30 points in all three Zones! New member must either (1) list your email address as the referring friend or (2) register from your shared link. Bonus +30 points

  • Tweebaa reserves the right to deduct points or revoke membership for failure to abide by terms of service.
  • Gift Rewards are offered to our Evaluators, as a way to encourage participation and show our deep appreciation!

    For each product that passes Test-Sales Stage, Tweebaa will select 2 Evaluators (out of all Evaluators who accurately evaluated the product) to receive the evaluated product (up to $50 USD price **) as a free gift.

    **If the selling price of the evaluated product exceeds $50 USDD, the two evaluators will receive a $50 merchandise credit instead (in the form of 4,000 Shopping Reward Points).

The 150th Evaluator to correctly predict success Receive the item as a free gift!
The 300th Evaluator to correctly predict success Receive the item as a free gift!

* In case of tie, the Evaluator(s) with longest membership will receive gift rewards.

  • About the Evaluate Zone
  • As an Evaluator, you can take quick surveys (up to 10 each day) to tell us which items you like...which items you don't like...and offer additional comments. If you correctly predict "success" and the product eventually is “Tweebaa-approved” making it all the way to the Tweebaa Shop, you can earn cash and rewards.
  • How to Evaluate
  • It's easy to become a Tweebaa Evaluator. If you're good at it, you can earn ongoing cash plus free gifts! Here's how:

    Step 1: Select the EVALUATE link at the top of the page


    Step 2: Browse the products that need evaluations and select one that interests you; click on it to see more details.


    Step 3: Answer the brief survey questions ~ tell us what you think!

    Careful you don’t carelessly support ALL the products you evaluate…you can lose points for incorrect predictions!

    Step 4: Click on the “Evaluate” button to submit your responses.

    When you evaluate products, keep in mind these criteria for Tweebaa Shop items (after all, only Tweebaa Shop items are eligible for commission rewards:
    Tweebaa Shop items are unique (you can’t find them just anywhere…)
    Tweebaa Shop items are priced competitively (we don’t think you’ll find them cheaper anywhere else…but if you do, please tell us!)

    Step 5: Continue to evaluate other products or log in to the Member Center to check the status of your evaluated products.
    Come back every day! You may submit up to 10 surveys each day. As you gain experience and points in the Evaluate Zone, you can increase your earnings!

    Share evaluation products! Encourage others to evaluate too and help the product advance.)
  • If you have a good eye for product, it takes just minutes each day to hone your Evaluator skills and climb the success ladder. The better you are at evaluating, the higher your evaluation level and the higher your potential commission will be.
  • Each evaluation consists of a 5 question survey. You must answer all 5 questions.

  • There is one survey question which will determine the accuracy of your evaluation. Your evaluation must be Accurate in order to earn points, gift rewards, and cash rewards. The question is simply: "Do you believe this product will advance to the Tweebaa Shop? (Yes/No)". If you answer "Yes" and the product eventually advances to the Tweebaa Shop, your evaluation is Accurate. Also, if you answer “No” and the product does NOT advance to the Tweebaa Shop, your evaluation is Accurate. Only Accurate evaluators are eligible for commission and gift rewards, and those are only rewarded when the evaluated product passes Test Sale stage (becoming “Tweebaa-Approved”).

  • Please thoughtfully give your comments, because your suggestions are very important to Tweebaa.

  • Inappropriate or threatening language in your evaluation is not acceptable. Tweebaa reserves the right to deduct reward points OR cancel your Tweebaa membership.

  • Evaluators’ comments represent evaluator opinions and do not reflect the opinions of Tweebaa. Tweebaa assumes no responsibility for any members' comments.

  • Tweebaa reserves the right to remove any and all survey content without notice to the Evaluator or any other party.