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    Buy ONE Podillow get ONE Waterproof Cellphone case
    (value of $29.99) for Free!
    Protect your valuable phone from water while you are enjoying!

    Podillow the face down pocketed pillow to keep your valuables safe while you enjoy the tan or relax on beach or poolside is now loaded with extra features with value pack:
    •    Made with SwimSuit material, durable and lasting.
    •    Food grade fillings to give you all the comfort.
    •    Extra strong solid base for durability.
    •    Includes water proof cell phone bag.
    •    Keep your smart phone not only safe but also water proof.
    •    Aromatic infused rubber base to make you relax.
    •    Additional colors and patterns to fit different situations and moods.

    PODillow tweebaa

    While using your PODillow you can listen to your tunes wearing both earphones in total comfort, no matter what tanning position you choose.

    Facedown pillow…

    Lying by the pool or on the beach is relaxing. You get to chill and catch some sun without a care in the world, but when you need to flip to get some sun on your back, it can be hard to get comfortable. A towel doesn't make for a great pillow when lying face down.
    That's why you need the PODillow. The PODillow is an innovative pillow specifically designed for the pool or the beach. Its unique design allows you to be perfectly comfortable no matter if you're on your back, side or front.

    Integral pockets…

    The PODillow® has two internal pockets for the safekeeping and storage of cell phones, MP-3 players, PDA’s, jewelry, keys, credit cards, digital cameras, you get the picture. Protecting your electronic devices from water, sand, and direct sunlight is always a good idea. Not only do the pockets protect your valuables from the elements, but it also prevents them from being stolen. No longer you need to keep one eye on your beach bag while you try to relax. Go ahead and doze off, knowing your valuables are safely secured directly under you.

    PODillow tweebaa

    Massage pillow…

    The PODillow sits on a raised base allowing air to flow freely beneath. This keeps your head cool when lying on your back or side and provides cool, refreshing air when lying facedown. This also makes the PODillow great for massages. The unique design perfectly aligns your neck and spine so that your muscles are relaxed while still having plenty of ventilation while lying facedown.

    On your back…

    The PODillow's special design has a cut-out where you can comfortably rest your head even if your hair is in a ponytail or you're wearing headphones. When you want to lay facedown, the PODillow really shines. Your face rests comfortably in the cut-out and your neck is loose and relaxed. No more propping your chin up and dealing with cramps and neck strain.

    PODillow tweebaa

    On your side…

    The PODillow gives you peace of mind when you're tanning in a public place as well. Your valuables can be stored in hidden pockets inside of the pillow. As you relax with your eyes closed, you don't have to worry about someone walking off with your phone, keys or wallet.You can also rest easy knowing that sunscreen, sand and salt won't phase it. Since it's designed with the beach in mind, it's machine washable. Just throw it in the wash with your bathing suit and beach towels.
    Don't let the beach put your neck in a bind.

    Unique design…

    The PODillow® is a unique combination of two separate sections. The upper pillow portion is a spandex/polyester outer cover that is filled with polystyrene micro beads. The beaded pillow construction allows you to mold it for that personal fit. The pillow is attached to the base with hook & loop straps, and is easily separated from the base for machine washing. The lower portion of the PODillow is made of a soft “skinned” (smooth surface) polyurethane foam. The foam base is soft and flexible, but sturdy enough to maintain the shape of the “air-channels”. The three air-channels allow for a constant supply of fresh air while you use your PODillow in the facedown position. The “skinned” foam will not absorb liquids, and is a “low conductor of heat”. These features make it perfect for beach and pool environments.

    Product Dimensions: 16 x 4 x 9 inches ; 1.5 pounds