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    Enjoy a deep conditioning treatment every week in the comfort of your own home

    • Hair experts recommend a deep treatment be carried out once a week to keep hair in optimum condition.

    • Wondercap saves time and money.

    • Wondercap allows women to carry out a deep conditioning treatment on their hair in the comfort of their own home for around 19 cents a time compared to $10-80 at a salon.

    • Perfect for busy corporate women or Moms with babies who are time-deprived.

    • Wondercap adds a relaxing sensorial experience to a woman's bath time ritual.

    Wondercap is an inexpensive, simple and luxurious home hair care treatment.  Similar to a gelpack, you heat your Wondercap in the microwave, before placing on your conditioned hair.  The heat from the cap opens up your hair cuticles allowing the conditioner to deeply nourish the inner hair shaft. After rinsing, the cuticles close up locking in the moisture.  Miraculous shine and angelic softness that has to be experienced to be believed!

    Gorgeous hair in 5 easy steps