Request and Register to be a Tweebaa Tycoon

  • Send request as existing Tweebaa member or new member.
  • Request form consists: Tycoon contact info, product interest, sales channels examples, preferred market, scope of sales, remarks.
  • This request form is used to submit all the details for approval.


Tweebaa approves the request

  • Once approved, Tweebaa will activate the Tycoon account.
  • This step grants member permission to use Tweebaa Tycoon services.
  • A special section of “My Store” will be added under “My Account”
Select Products

Select Products

Tycoons select products from Tweebaa and list on their shops

  • Tycoons select products directly on Tweebaa website by adding it to “My Store”
  • Tycoons downloads selected product information such as product name, description, images, video, pricing..etc
  • Tycoons list products onto their online shops or any sales channels they have.
Place Order

Place Order

Place orders at Tweebaa after Tycoons get paid by their customers.

  • Tycoons obtain their customers shipping info such as full name, delivery address.
  • Place order and pay directly on Tweebaa using customers’ info.
  • Tweebaa receives orders and start processing.


Tweebaa ships Tycoons’ orders directly to their customers.

  • Shipment will be processed and shipping will be arranged according to selected shipping method.
  • Shipping notification and tracking info will be sent to Tycoons.
  • In case of backorder or other issues, Tweebaa will contact Tycoons for resolution.

Inventory Status notification

Regularly notify Tycoons about inventory status and new products release

  • When Tycoons selected products’ stock is low, notifications will be sent to Tycoons.
  • New product release notifications will be sent to Tycoons regularly.