Welcome to Tweebaa’s website for Tycoons, you will find here all the information to assist you with managing your account with us. Any person or entity (Tycoon referred as "you" or Party A) who wants to sell products through different online sales channel to consumers and buying it from Tweebaa (referred as Party B) or access or use this website must accept these Tycoon Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”). By registering for or otherwise using this website, you on behalf of yourself and the entity that you represent, agree to be bound by all terms and conditions of this agreement.

  1. Product & Service: This Agreement governs our service for our products to you. “Products” means all goods (physical and digital products) intended for sale to customers.We are not obligated to provide service and ship the products, until you are verified and authorized by Tweebaa as an Tycoon Member and have provided all the required information and documentation. We may ask for more verification or cancel it if you don't meet the terms and conditions specified for our retailers.
  2. Product Information: Once approved you will have access to our latest Product information, including electronic images, specifications, and features, packaging details to be disclosed in any sale or advertisement of the Product for free of cost. Product Information also includes any information about our product in website, or made available to us by our suppliers (or third party partners). You are allowed to (a) use, copy, display, perform and distribute the Product Information on your online store, mobile application, website for marketing and sales purpose without reformatting it, use all trademarks or trade names included in product information (to advertise the product). You agree to sell the product for at least 15% on top of your price from Tweebaa.
  3. Representations, Warranties, and Covenants: You represent, warrant and covenant that: (a) you genuinely have a online store or intend to sell through different online sales channel (b) you want to use my store for business purpose only, not for personal use; (c) You will not market or sell the product against the specifications and features mentioned in Tweebaa; (d) you will comply with all applicable laws and rules relating to the taxes etc; (e) you will not sell the products below the agreed price; (f) you will not misuse or use the TweeCRM against our fair use policy; (g) you will not use our TweeCRM for any other purpose.
  4. Product Returns: Any product return needs to be authorized by Tweebaa in advance within the time period, not complying with the requirement means we will not accept the the product. You are responsible to provide all the required information in case of return or warranty claim.
  5. Tycoon Indemnification: You will indemnify and hold harmless Tweebaa Inc., its affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents (the “Tweebaa Parties”) against any third party claim, liability, loss, damage, cost or expense (including legal fees) incurred by anyone arising from or relating to: (a) any death of or injury to any person, damage to any property or any other damage or loss due to any defect in or use of any Product; (b) any Product recall; (c) any infringement or misappropriation of any proprietary right by any Product, Product Information, or other content; (d) your negligence or intentional misconduct; (e) your breach of this Agreement; (f) any Product-related issue for which you or we are strictly liable; or (g) your failure to state accurate Product descriptions, adequate warnings, or instructions.
  6. Shipping: Tweebaa arranges shipment from warehouse to customers address by different shipping methods depending on product, pricing and customer requirement. Tweebaa has right to choose the appropriate shipping method to final consumer and will inform Tycoon about the method chosen. It is your responsibility to provide all the correct information to ship the product and collect and pay for taxes, duties, customs, ( in case of overseas shipment) and related fee etc.
  7. Shipping Charges: Shipping charge is extra unless some products are eligible for free shipping.
  8. Loss & Damage: Tweebaa will not be responsible for any damage, loss or delays due to natural disasters, shipment delays, custom delays, or any issues that we do not have control over.
  9. Confidential Information: All information, process, communication done between Tweebaa and you should be protected and should not be disclosed by your affiliates, agents, directors and employees if the information is identified as confidential. You are not allowed to use any Intellectual property, trademarks, and logos of Tweebaa unless we authorize you to use these in written.
  10. Choice of Law; Dispute Resolution: Any dispute arising out of this Agreement will be resolved by the Court of Ontario in Toronto.
  11. Termination: Not complying with the agreements terms and condition gives the right to Tweebaa to terminate the Tycoon member anytime. If you are no more interested in working with Tweebaa you can give 60 days prior notice to terminate the agreement.
  12. Revisions: Tweebaa reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, including any Program Policies incorporated herein, at any time and in its sole discretion. Any changes will be posted on our website with revised terms and conditions, you are responsible for reviewing any revised terms, conditions, policies, guidelines, and information or any notices of revision.

Your continued use of our website and service will constitute your acceptance of the revisions.Our program and policies are subject to change in accordance with business requirements. Your continuous use of this site as Tycoon member following our postings of any revised terms and conditions means your acceptance of the revisions. If you do not agree to any of the changes than you must stop using Tycoon site.

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