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Step 1

Get your hands on a TweeBot

Step 2

Create a short video (max. 2 minutes*) starring TweeBot

Step 3

Submit to
before December 31, 2016


Introducing TweeBot, the TOTALLY HANDS-FREE personal assistant. Just connect your smartphone via Bluetooth then tell TweeBot to play music, send an email, read a text…and so much more! We are certain that there are 1,001 more uses for TweeBot, and we’d like YOU to help us discover them!

Just create a short (2 minutes or less) video co-starring you and TweeBot then upload it to our website . Our Members will vote on their favorite videos…and the videos that receive top votes will earn rewards!

VOTERS: You'll earn with EVERY VOTE!

Each VOTE will earn you

✔ 5 Share points in your Tweebaa account (You could vote multiple videos per day but only allow vote once on any specific video per day. You will be award maximum 5 share point per day no matter how many video you voted)
✔ chance to win a $500 shopping credit at