Manufacturers have many great products and yet most of them have limited capability to sell successfully to consumers. tweebaa’s unique Earning Warehouse Partnership Program fills that gap and provides our partners amazing benefits:


As our Earning Warehouse Partner, we do not charge ANY Service Fee, and we also provide free marketing and customer service


You simply ship your products to our designated location and Tweebaa takes care rest of the process,such as exporting, logistic, custom clearance, warehousing, order processing and after sales customer service.


We have established a network of global sales channel both online and offline for our partners. Reach consumers directly and sell more.


You supply at your cost, and we share the SALES PROFIT together, through our profit sharing plan.

Simple Steps to Partner with Us and Share Profit


Register and Request to become a tweebaa Warehouse Partner

Account Approval

tweebaa approves the request

Evaluate Products

tweebaa evaluate and approve products that Earning Warehouse Partners want to sell

List Products

List Earning Warehouse Partner's products on tweebaa website

Ship Products

Earning Warehouse Partner ships products to tweebaa warehouse as per instructions

Get Paid

tweebaa pays its Earning Warehouse Partner on Profit Sharing basis periodically based on products sold


Refill the inventory when the inventory level is low.


Successful Sales Examples


SOLD: 1,500,000

Sales Channels: DRTV&Wal-Mart

Vidalia Slicer

SOLD: 800,000

Sales Channels: DRTV&Wal-Mart

Potty Patch

SOLD: 1,500,000

Sales Channels: DRTV&Wal-Mart


SOLD: 600,000

Sales Channels: DRTV&Wal-Mart

Grow Your Business With Zero Investment and no Risk

tweebaa Earning Warehouse can expand into new markets and grow your business and profitability with $0 investment and no risk