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Richard Forget
Richard Forget Inventor of LapPak

What I really needed was a place to take my invention. I needed a partner. I needed a partner who would understand my needs and be able to take my creative invention, create a prototype, and market to the world with expertise. I didn’t know then but I soon discovered that what I needed was… TWEEBAA!

Anthony Calvert
Anthony Calvert Inventor of the PODillow

Tweebaa not only provides me with the resources necessary for success, but perhaps even more important to me is their integrity. This is an imperative quality. All of my interactions with Tweebaa have left me feeling comfortable with their level of honesty and openness. Tweebaa has revitalized me and the PODillow. I believe that partnering with Tweebaa has been a great decision.

Ernie Kitty Litty inventor

Very shortly after initially introducing Kitty Litty to them, not only were 3D drawings immediately created to begin analyzing the feasibility, very valuable suggestions for improvements were made as well. The follow-ups were excellent with top-notch quality and attention to detail from drawings to strategy discussions.

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