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    This kit consists of the following:
    • 3-Hook Bra Expanders (3 qty) allow you to customize any of your existing bras that are too tight. The product attaches easily to your bra keeping you from having to buy new sizes due to temporary weight gain such as pregnancy.
    • Silicone Modesty Pads are comfortable and self-adhering silicone pads for a braless yet smooth look and can be worn up to 25 times! Includes a convenient storage puch. One size fits most.
    • Bra Clips (6 disks - 2 clear, 2 black, 2 nude) are the perfect solution for controlling all of your bra straps no matter how your tops are cut in the arm area. Disks can even be used to keep swimsuits in place while active in the water. Use while active in sports to keep your attention on the game.
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