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    • Completely Hands-free

    • Space Saving Design

    • Lightweight, and Easy to Move Wheels

    • Engages Core Muscles

    • Small Footprint Design

    • Extra-wide Comfortable Seat

    • Adjustable Height

    • Suitable for all Fitness Levels

    • Good for all Ages, Including Seniors

    • Adjustable Resistance (Light to Moderate)

    • Monitor Your Calories Burnt and Progress on Your Personal App

    ExerSeat Disclaimer

    Important Safety Information

    Please read and follow this instructional guide completely before using your ExerSeat. Keep this guide in a safe place and make sure everyone using the ExerSeat reads this guide.


    Carefully review this Exercise and User’s Guide and consult your physician before using this product or performing the exercise presented herein. The instructions and advice presented in this guide are in no way intended to be a substitute for medical counseling. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and any use of this product assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing the exercises shown. If at any time your feel you are exercising beyond your current fitness level or you feel uncomfortable, you should discontinue exercise immediately. Your physician should help you ascertain your target heart rate, as determined by your age and physical fitness. Certain training programs and types of exercise equipment may not be suitable for everyone. This is particularly important for those individuals over 35, pregnant women and individuals with existing health problems or problems with balance. If you take medication which affects your heart rate, you must seek medical advice from your doctor before starting your exercise program with this kit.


    1. Make sure you are comfortable balancing and sitting on the ExerSeat prior to beginning the exercise.
    2. Use this kit exclusively for the purposes intended and described in this guide.
    3. If you experience dizziness, nausea, chest pain, or an other abnormal symptoms, STOP the workout at once. Consult a physician immediately.
    4. Keep others away from the ExerSeat when in use. Children under 16 years
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