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    This “4 C’s of Purity” pendant is crafted in genuine sterling silver. This pendant measures 0.8 inches or 20.25mm high and 0.95 inches or 24mm wide. The 4 C’s represent Courage, Confidence, Conviction and Connection. Available with your choice of 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch or 24 inch chain, this pendant is a great addition to any collection. Courage - Determination to serve a Holy God requires boldness to stand not be swayed. Confidence - in God's principles, His way, His work that enables us to honor Him in word and deed. Confidence in ourselves will fail, but trust and reliance upon God will always render victory. Conviction - as we surrender, the Holy Spirit drives and draws our every desire. God's Word will act as a mirror for our behavior and His Spirit will clarify our motives. Connection - we need the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ needs us. Sexual integrity is a battle and we cannot expect to be successful alone. The four cz's in this pendant are a reminder of the four important points for purity in our daily walk
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