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    Tired of wasting good money on high heels only to have them ruined by scuffs or tears? Your days of disappointment are over with KiiX high heel protectors. At Just for KiiX, our heel protectors are manufactured to fit any size and most types of heels, and they’re easy to apply. Keep your favorite heels in the best possible condition by ordering a pack of KiiX today!
    How KiiX High Heel Protectors Work
    It’s no secret that, as women, we get attached to our shoes. After picking out the perfect pair, matching them with our wardrobe and spending time breaking them in, we want them to last as long as possible. With KiiX high heel protectors, you can seamlessly and affordably extend the life of your favorite heels.
    KiiX are adhesive heel protectors that are applied directly to the heel of your shoe to create a barrier against scuffs, tears and daily wear and tear, keeping your high heels looking like new. KiiX are a smart investment in the life of your shoes.
    How to Apply KiiX
    KiiX are designed to be easy to apply with only a few simple steps. To apply a KiiX high heel protector, first make sure your heels are clean and dry. Then, peel off the plastic backing and line it up with the center of the back of the heel, directly above the heel cap. Smooth it on the heel back and sides, and remove the excess product to fit the heel protector snugly around your heel. Watch our videos to get a visual of how to apply your KiiX.
    Things to Know About KiiX
  • KiiX are invisible and will remain so for the life of your shoe.
  • KiiX are not recommended for use on suede, satin, natural snake skin or glitter heels.
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