Tweebaa Referral program encourages users to refer Tweebaa to their family, friends and people in their network to become Tweebaa member, Earning Retailer (ER) member, or Earning Warehouse (EW) member. It provides an additional incentive that any user can earn. Rewards consist of coupons, commission (ER/EW) and points.

Regular Members

ER/EW Members

Reward Coupons

Each $50 coupon consists of:

Coupon Value Minimum Purchase Amount To Use Coupon
$20 $135
$10 $65
$5 $30

Process Chart

Process Chart Example:

Bob: a regular member
Mary: Bob’s friend
Tom: Bob’s friend
Bob sent invitation to both Mary and Tom.
Mary accepts invitation and registered as our regular member. Tom accepts invitation and registered as Earning Retailer.
Here are the rewards they receive: