Earn Free Tweebaa Coupons , Reward Points or Commission


Tweebaa Referral Rewards are designed for everyone, no matter if you are an invidiual, business, supplier, drop shipper, student or even retired.

As long as you referred someone, tweebaa provides REWARDS for your effort.

Our Referral Program is tailor made for everyone!

Refer a tweebaa new member

Refer any type of tweebaa new member, and you can earn below rewards:

  1. Coupon: Refer a friend and receive referral rewards of $100 coupons, once referred friend accepts invitation and signs up as a regular member at tweebaa.com. Your Referred friend also receives $50 coupons in return. Only one coupon can be used for each purchase. Each coupon has an expiration period of 1 year from the issue date.
  2. Each $50 will consist of:

    · ONE $20 coupon

    · ONE $10 coupon

    · FOUR $5 coupons

  3. Reward Points: Each time you refer a new Tweebaa member who registers, you will receive 30 points !
    Coupon value Minimum purchase amount required to redeem
    $20 $135
    $10 $65
    $5 $30

You can also earn potential Lifetime Commissions if you refer people to become an Tycoon via your network.

Refer an Tycoon

Refer a friend and receive up to 1% commission on sales when Referred Friend is registered as an Tycoon and starts using the service with Tweebaa. Commission period is lifetime as long as product is for sale on tweebaa.com. If Referrer account is inactive (did not sign into the account) for 18 months, all accumulated commission will be removed.

How to Refer:

1. Refer to your friends and invite them to Tweebaa via email by using Tweebaa easy to use Invite Tool through website and Tweebaa App.

2. Tell your friends to register at www.tweebaa.com and make sure they list your email address (the one associated with your Tweebaa account) in the registration form. They’ll have to select that they were referred by “Friend” and put your email in the available box.

3. When you share Tweebaa products with your friends (via “Share & Earn” link), and your friend follows your link to the Tweebaa website and registers for membership…as long as their Tweebaa visit originated with your Share & Earn link you will be automatically credited with the referral.