Tweebaa® allows everyone to become extraordinary!

At Tweebaa®, anyone can earn without any limits. Our earning ecosystem is a new revolution for everyone to effortlessly generate wealth. Transform your hobbies, interests, skills, experiences, creativities and much more into earnings by using Tweebaa®’s platform to monetize yourself.

How Tweebaa turns your everyday activities into earnings

Tweebaa opens up a world where social networking is not just content exchange, but also value exchange, by creating the world’s first marketplace where anything and everything may be of value - determined by the tycoon community. Tweebaa’s evaluation system allows tycoons to evaluate all ideas and products, to decide whether something is practical or profitable. Our platform also allows

users to share content for free or for a fee, the price is up to you to decide. Transform your hobbies, interests, skills, experiences, creativities, etc. into earnings by using Tweebaa®’s free tools to monetize yourself!
Tweebaa’s Earning EcoSystem allows users from all over the world to connect, share and create an unlimited value-exchange marketplace. The Tweebaa Earning EcoSystem gives you free exposure to the whole world and allows millions of strangers in the tycoon community to become your free salespeople and promote your tycoonplace. There are also many ways to earn rewards, simply by using Tweebaa’s platform to conduct daily social networking activities.

Start earning without any resources
or investment

New rising companies such as Uber and Airbnb were able to provide a source of income to people who had existing resources such as housing and cars by sharing it with others. However, these income earning opportunities were only available to people who owned these resources. Tweebaa® provides a solution where people can get economic opportunities without investments, resources or any

restriction. Our unique technology combines social media network with e-commerce and various audiences.Through the Tweebaa® platform, it is possible for anyone to reach out to the world with their content or product without the need to pay for expensive traffic.

Bringing Value to Individuals and
Reshaping the DRTV Industry

Tweebaa® envisions that everyone can be a personal brand when provided with the right resources and tools. Tweebaa® brings DRTV online, making it easier for each individual to develop their own unique brand.

As long as you have a creative product or idea, you can monetize it through Tweebaa®. Tweebaa®'s

responsibility is to recommend your creative products or ideas to the world. Making this vision a reality and revolutionizing the declining DRTV industry is possible through our platform for free.

Tweebaa® has combined over 16 years of DRTV experience with the most advanced earning ecosystem platform, bringing DRTV to an online platform and making it accessible to the public. Tweebaa’s unique ecosystem provides the tools for everyone to expand their reach so that no profitable product will remain unsold due to lack of marketing funds, and no practical idea will remain unnoticed due to lack of connections within the innovative industry.

Tweebaa values innovation and empowerment. The tycoon community determines whether ideas are practical through an evaluation system where every tycoon can comment on suggested content, and voice their opinions. If a suggestion receives a certain number of positive reviews, it will be reviewed by Tweebaa and potentially turned into something profitable. Tweebaa takes care of designing, manufacturing, marketing and shipping. When an idea turns into a product and is ready to be sold, the tycoon who suggested it will a receive commission every time the product sells, for a lifetime! The product will then be displayed on Tweebaa’s showroom, where other tycoons can promote it through their tycoonplaces to generate traffic and sales, allowing the product to reach a global audience.

Ways to Earn

Enhancement of everyone’s lifestyle

Tweebaa’s unique sharing economy platform combines social networking with hobbies and career opportunities. We believe everyone is an individual economy system. Every individual has talents, skills, experiences, interests, and hobbies that are used for leisure, to help family and friends within the network, or shared through social network platforms. However, Tweebaa® makes it possible to monetize all assets

Tweebaa provides every person with many income-earning opportunities by recognizing value in what is deemed “not valuable” or “not monetizable”. We challenge this traditional mindset to help every person realize that value is not determined by monetary compensation. Rather, everything has value. Every person’s skills, creativities, hobbies, tips, experiences, etc. are all valuable and can be monetized to generate income. We want to increase the number of people who earn money while doing what they enjoy and turn assets into value, so that everyone can live profitable lifestyles.

The tweebaa® Earning Ecosystem

Profitable and Simple

* Increase your reach
* Unlimited earing opportunities
* Easy and convenient set-up

Move beyond social networking and e-commerce. Join Tweebaa and move into the future!