Our Vision

We want to make everyone an influencer not only within his or her network but across the globe with our latest technology combined together with blockchain. We want to move social interaction to a new level giving everyone an opportunity to earn without limits.


Our Mission

Tweebaa® believes every individual possess a unique potential and strength, given a proper tool everyone can leverage their social network and turn it into a profitable lifestyle. Our mission is to provide a turnkey platform to empower and encourage everyone to have a income without limits.

A Revolution of Social Earning Commerce

Tweebaa® is all about monetizing your passion, interest, hobby, skills, experience, fun, adventure, excellence and more. Our latest one in all technologically advanced platform gives you a space of your own to showcase whatever you can and turn that into profit, tweebaa recognizes your potential and gives you platform to reach out the world with one click.


About Our Mascot: Earnie

Earnie is our famous tweebaa® mascot. His mission is to help people all over the world to fulfill their dreams. Earnie guides Tycoons to reach their earning goals faster and easier. He appears in most of tweebaa® videos to show audiences steps they need to follow to earn more. He is also the host of the tweebaa App, where you can play with him and earn big. No matter who you are or how old you are, Earnie is happy to assist you. He treats everyone as a friend and he is always full of fun. Be prepared to start your new life of earning with Earnie.

Our History

Our parent company Leivaire Inc was established in year 2002 to help customers from North America and Europe to design, develop, and manufacture high quality products at competitive prices by offshoring it. The products developed by us sold in almost all of the big box retailers and DRTV’s. We turned the concepts from inventors and marketers to a final product, which is enjoyed by millions of users.

After successfully making a good reputation in B2B/B2C world, we are now ready to bring a new technological platform for everyone to make their life better through tweebaa. We have combined social interaction with earning commerce in a new digital World so that users can share resources to gain wealth for a richer, safer, and more productive lifestyle.

Tweebaa® Team

Our team consists of passionate members from all walks of life. We are software engineers, programmers, supply chain experts, product developers, accountants, medical experts, and visionaries thinking and working together to bring more opportunities and unlimited earning potential in everyone’s life. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada we have offices in USA, UK, and China and will be expanding to other parts of the World soon.