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We are a Multi-Dimensional Value-Exchange Social Platform!

In the current world, people tend to measure "value" only in terms of money, which is a one-dimensional perspective that limits what value truly is. As a result of this restrictive mindset, existing social network platforms only allow the exchange of content among a small network, that consists of family and friends. Despite the increasing amount of time people spend online every day, their time, activities, efforts and contributions only benefit the large companies that own these platforms and earn millions of dollars.

Tweebaa® is the world’s first earning commerce social network platform based on a multi-dimensional value system. We challenge everyone in the world to change their mindset with respect to the means to make a living and be wealthy. Tweebaa changes how value is recognized and monetized. We believe everything can be value and generate income. Your hobbies, skills, interests, creativities, tips, life experiences, anything can be monetized and turned into physical or digital products. We want to help every person realize their potential, expand their existing network so their values can be shared with other people from all over the world, and turn our influences as well as values into income-earning opportunities.

Tweebaa is designed for value creation, therefore creating value from non-traditional products and ideas. Tweebaa allows anyone to earn on a large scale with zero financial investment.

Tweebaa believes that anyone can become an influencer and a millionaire, simply by monetizing their assets and influences. Money is not the only factor that determines value - all influence, contributions and traffic every person brings to the virtual world can bring them unlimited monetary compensations. Tweebaa is a world where happiness, influence and innovation are valued. It is a world where every person has an opportunity to earn millions of dollars without making any investments, while doing what they enjoy. Unlike current society, we want our world to distribute information and income-earning opportunities fairly, so that every person’s social networking efforts and influence are rewarded, rather than benefiting large corporations who profit off the traffic generated through their everyday activities. We also want our world to provide the necessary tools and connections to turn any ordinary person’s creative ideas into profitable products, so that innovation will no longer be underappreciated and unnoticed. Tweebaa is a world of endless possibilities.
Tweebaa wants to change every person’s mindset on what “value” is. We believe every person’s time and effort spent conducting social networking activities every day can become much more rewarding and profitable than simply content exchange. This traffic can be monetized and become something much more valuable than what some may think. Tweebaa also wants to change the innovative industry, so that great products will no longer remain unsold due to lack of marketing funds, and great ideas will no longer remain unnoticed due to lack of connections in the industry to turn them into consumable products.

Tweebaa’s versatile platform brings an unlimited amount of income-earning opportunities ranging from small activity rewards (such as earning a small number of Tweebaa Coins simply by logging in and recruiting new members) to earning millions of dollars (such as your product being manufactured and sold globally), Tweebaa serves many purposes to suit the unique needs and desires of every person.
Tweebaa® values every person’s happiness, influence and innovation. We are creating a world that appreciates and monetizes your passions, interests, hobbies, skills, experiences, adventures, creativities and more. Our all-in-one technologically advanced platform gives you a space of your own, a tycoonplace, to showcase whatever you want and turn it into profit. Tweebaa® recognizes your potential and gives you the tools you need to reach out to the world with one click.

Tweebaa’s platform integrates social networking, earning commerce, blockchain technology and share-economy to create an ecosystem that helps every person establish their own brand, expand their existing network and monetize their assets so they can live a profitable lifestyle. By signing up and creating a tycoonplace, one gains access to many different possibilities. A tycoonplace can be used as a social networking platform to stay connected and share content with family and friends, as well as meet like-minded individuals from all over the world. A tycoonplace can be a blog to share tips, innovative ideas, experiences, etc. with other tycoons for free or a fee, which is determined by the tycoonplace owner. It can be a virtual store for small businesses, large businesses, suppliers, etc. to promote products and let other tycoons advertise it for free. It can be a combination of a few platforms where ordinary people can suggest their innovative ideas, receive feedback from other users, and turn it into profitable products. The possibilities are endless!
Popular social media network sites are designed for sharing information with family and friends (content exchange), where people can share their talents, skills and creativities. Even though this content is “liked”, appreciated and shared by many people, it does not generate any income-earning opportunities for the person who created the content. The traffic generated does not benefit the creator, but rather the large companies who own these social network platforms. Tweebaa recognizes that every person’s influence is valuable and profitable. We want to change society’s mindset on how “value” is recognized, and help every person realize that what is deemed “unprofitable” is actually profitable in our multi-dimensional world. This way, everyone is not only able to share their skills, interests, hobbies, experiences with their family and friends, but also take advantage of their existing network and expand it to a global scale so their content can reach different parts of the world.

Tweebaa’s unique platform allows content, ideas and products to reach a global audience without any efforts or unaffordable fees, simply through networking between tycoons. We also provide the necessary tools to turn innovative ideas into consumable and profitable products, therefore anyone can become an inventor, creator or product expert. Moreover, if many people visit your tycoonplace, the traffic these people generate is value. More traffic means more popularity, which means more followers. Followers allow a tycoon to increase their reach and bring more traffic to their tycoonplace, which generates more public exposure and/or sales. Tweebaa’s platform is flexible to accommodate the desires and needs of every tycoon.
Our team consists of passionate members from all walks of life. We are software engineers, programmers, supply chain experts, product developers, accountants, medical experts, and visionaries thinking and working together to bring more opportunities and unlimited earning potential in everyone’s life. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada we have offices in USA, UK, and China and will be expanding to other parts of the world soon.