If you have a product, then you must be aware of difficulty selling and expanding your business. For offline marketing, you need many sales people to run the business, but the results are not necessarily ideal.
The traffic of online stores is monopolized by giant companies, and you need more money to buy traffic.

How can this be solved?

Tweebaa helps you solve it easily!

When you register as a Tycoon, we will give you a free tycoonplace, where you can recommend your product to the Tweebaa product showroom, Our other tycoons will see your products and choose it to sell in their own tycoonplace, so you have unlimited free salespeople and unlimited free traffic. Use the push-to-share ecosystem to make the world’s promoters your sales staff.

In the Tweebaa tycoonplace you can share your products or tycoonplace to social networks like WeChat, Weibo, Facebook etc and your friend circle. Through the analysis tool in tycoonplace, you can understand the product and tycoonplace page views in real time and adjust the sales strategy in time. You can also share the fun, interesting graphics and videos you posted in tycoonplace to attract more people to see, and bring more sales, expand your business range, and let the world see your products.

For more details, please refer to Tweebaa University.

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