Introductory Tweebaology

Tweebaa Basic Concept

What is Tweebaa?

The world's first Value-Generating platform transforming how VALUE is recognized and monetized with the integration of blockchain technology.

Tweebaa is a comprehensive platform that allows you to realize your skills, knowledge, experience and share it in the earning ecosystem to monetize; you can also make friends; create products, buy and sell products. On top of that, you can build your own brand from the platform, become an inventor, influencer, a product hunter or be a product expert in our earning ecosystem.

Overall, this is a platform for all individuals to realize their own value: you can create products, sell products, Tweebaa also provides you free inventory of innovative products so that you don’t have to buy and stock the products to sell. You can sell ideas, knowledge and turn your skills into commodities; even if you are not creative and can’t come up with products or ideas, you can participate in different Tweebaa activities to make profit and accumulate the wealth. Tweebaa rewards individual with the exclusive Tweebaa coins.

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