Introductory Tweebaology

How does Tweebaa brings values to you?

Tweebaa brings you an opportunity to enjoy life, expand influence and earn by doing your day to day activities at zero investment and zero risk. In addition to exchanging value, you can connect with friends and family, communicate and increase your influence with like-minded people from all over the world. You can also use your creativity and become an inventor by making good suggestions about products or concepts and let Tweebaa handle rest of the process.

Tweebaa allows you to make money by letting you sell things, build your own products, let others help you with marketing, and reward for your value generating activities.

In Tweebaa you can transform your values (hobbies, interests, skills, experience, influence, etc.) into products. Productization is one of the key factors, which can meet the different needs of people.

Tweebaa allows people to exchange value, connect with friends and family, and communicate with and influence like-minded people from all over the world. Your influence can bring traffic to your content and generate awareness to your brand, products, and information. More traffic means wider social network creating more value to your tycoonplace.

Tweebaa has so many great features a tycoon can use to become a product inventor or a business owner with $0 investment. It provides you so many free e-commerce tools to help you build your own website. You can add a Tweebaa product to your tycoonplace and get rewards from every sale. If you have a great product idea, you can suggest it to Tweebaa to develop it. If the tycoons think it is a great product, then Tweebaa will take care of all the steps to develop the product from the concept.

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