Introductory Tweebaology

Tweebaa Coins

Tweebaa coin is a cryptocurrency (digital currency), which can be exchanged with other digital currencies in the market or used to shop for products in Tweebaa or tycoonplace.

Tweebaa coin is a kind of reward, which can be earned from many different Tweebaa activities based on the Tweebaa influence value also known as TiV. The higher the TiV, higher the amount of Tweebaa coins you earn. Tycoon can use the Tweebaa coins to purchase a product or exchange for money. Tweebaa coins are based on blockchain technology and it can be also traded with each other even outside the Tweebaa earning ecosystem in cryptocurrency exchange market.

As the Tweebaa platform develops and establish more users, the value of Tweebaa coin will keep increasing and attract more and more investment that making its value grows higher. You can exchange the Tweebaa coins for any countries’ currency, or other cryptocurrencies through the exchange market.

Tweebaa coins do not have a fixed price and it is controlled by the market based on demand. As Tweebaa grows the Tweebaa coins will continue to increase in value. You can check cryptocurrency exchange market or tycoonplace admin any time to get the current price of Tweebaa coin.

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