Evaluation and Suggestion

Product Evaluation

The products recommended by the tycoons in Tweebaa will enters the public review stage. Other tycoons can evaluate the recommended product during the public review phase, express whether they like it or not, and whether they want to buy it. Whether the product goes to the next step or not depends on the final result of the public review. As a reviewer, you can earn Tweebaa coins as a reward for helping the right products enter the market. Once the product successfully passes the review and enters the Tweebaa product showroom, the selected evaluators get the commision on it.

How to Evaluate

  1. Select the EVALUATE link at the top of the page
  2. Browse the products that need evaluations and select one that interests you; click on it to see more details.
  3. Answer the brief survey questions ~ tell us what you think!
  4. Careful you don’t carelessly support ALL the products you evaluate…you can lose points for incorrect predictions!
  5. Click on the “Evaluate” button to submit your responses.

Evaluator Rules:

  1. Each evaluation consists of a 5 question survey. You must answer all 5 questions.
  2. There is one survey question which will determine the accuracy of your evaluation. Your evaluation must be Accurate in order to earn points, gift rewards, and cash rewards. The question is simply: "Do you believe this product will advance to the Tweebaa Shop? (Yes/No)". If you answer "Yes" and the product eventually advances to the Tweebaa Shop, your evaluation is Accurate. Also, if you answer “No” and the product does NOT advance to the Tweebaa Shop, your evaluation is Accurate. Only Accurate evaluators are eligible for reward and gift rewards, and those are only rewarded when the evaluated product passes presale stage (becoming “Tweebaa-Approved”)
  3. Please thoughtfully give your comments, because your suggestions are very important to Tweebaa.
  4. Inappropriate or threatening language in your evaluation is not acceptable. Tweebaa reserves the right to deduct reward points OR cancel your Tweebaa membership.
  5. Evaluators’ comments represent evaluator opinions and do not reflect the opinions of Tweebaa. Tweebaa assumes no responsibility for any members' comments.
  6. Tweebaa reserves the right to remove any and all survey content without notice to the Evaluator or any other party.
TiV value Level Tycoon Status Evaluation Reward
TiV < = 5 1 Staff 0.10%
5<= TiV < = 15 2 Coordinator 0.20%
15<= TiV < = 25 3 Supervisor 0.30%
25<= TiV < = 35 4 Assistant Manager 0.40%
35<= TiV < = 45 5 Manager 0.50%
45<= TiV < = 55 6 Director 0.60%
55<= TiV < = 65 7 Vice President 0.70%
65<= TiV < = 75 8 President 0.80%
75<= TiV 9 CEO 0.90%
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