Advanced Tweebaology

What is the concept of Tweebaa

Tweebaa® changes the traditional “money as value” model by transforming people's hobbies, skills, interests, creativity, talent, experiences into products without any investment. In other words, Tweebaa gives the chance for user to productize themselves, so that they would utilize their own potential value and monetize it. Tweebaa also provides free access to exclusive products, ability to suggest and share their ideas, evaluate products and decide whether it can be a hot seller, all these activities would increase influences and convert into rewards. Any ideas suggested by a tycoon would get a chance to be chosen by Tweebaa. Other tycoons could help to bring traffic and sales to the product owner, which increases tycoon’s income.

Nowadays, one-dimensional value system is the common standards for most individuals. Using money to measure "value", this is very limited and cannot truly reflect the actual value. Current social platforms only focuses on people's content exchange, it is restricted within friends and families networks. Although people are going online all the time, their activities cannot bring value to themselves. Instead, they become the tool to increase traffic of the big social platforms. It makes them earn a lot using the traffic, but the actual traffic contributors do not earn any profit.

In general, the concept of Tweebaa believes that people's emails, photos, messages, posts on social media activities were pure activities, which wasted a lot of traffic, creativity and value. Tweebaa has changed this concept so now these activities can be realized and use it to create its own value. Allowing everyone to brand and producize themselves by using their skills, knowledge, experiences, talents, creativity, website traffic to make money.

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