Introductory Tweebaology


The main purpose of post is to share content of tycoons’ activities, it could be in the form of text, images or video and it will be synced between the web and Tweebaa App. All posts can be shared through different social media channels like Facebook, twitter etc. There are limits on the number of characters and it comes with full editing features. Another great thing about the post is a user can turn their post into a digital product and start making money from it.

For example, a tycoon took a very spectacular photograph of a rare scene on the street, and posted it for everyone to see in tycoonplace. When the tycoons find that their page views are gradually increasing and generating more and more demand, the tycoons could convert their posts into products, so that others would pay to read them. A converted product might have a low price, but when thousands and millions of people are interested to purchase it, this helps the tycoon to earn alot.

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