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Tweebaa share product showroom

Tweebaa share product showroom is a product showroom for all tycoons with free access to exclusive products. Tycoons can add any products in their tycoonplace for sale, they can also suggest their own products. When it is added into Tweebaa product showroom, it would be available to all tycoons from around the world. Other tycoons would sell the product and no extra marketing efforts are needed. There are different level of Tweebaa products’ cost and it depends on tycoon’s TiV.

Tweebaa product showroom is made for tycoons with $0 cost, without a need to keep an inventory. Individuals can also enable their own physical and digital products to the Tweebaa shared product showroom. Tweebaa shared product showroom is open to all tycoons, not just manufacturers and wholesalers. Once it is approved, it will be available for all tycoons. All approved products will be shared among all tycoons, this helps to expand the market not only from one tycoons but every tycoon in Tweebaa using their influences.

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