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Select products from Tweebaa product showroom

Each tycoon can easily add products to tycoonplace from Tweebaa share product showroom. Simply log in to tycoonplace, then go to dashboard, click on products >Tweebaa product, and click add new Tweebaa product to your tycoonplace, now select the products from Tweebaa product showroom. Tycoons are free to browse thousands of innovative products in the Tweebaa product showroom. When the tycoon sees a product that can bring profits to them, simply click “Add to my tycoonplace”, and Tweebaa product will be added to their tycoonplace to sell together with their own product or they can only sell Tweebaa products if own product is not available.

Tycoons don’t have to worry about the inventory and keeping the stock as it is all taken care by Tweebaa. Once tycoon places an order, Tweebaa ships the product directly to tycoon’s customer. All tycoons are allowed to add any number of Tweebaa products in their tycoonplace and sell according to the suggested price by Tweebaa. This is fair for all tycoons and avoid unhealthy competition.

Tycoons could get low price on all Tweebaa products, this depends on the TiV value of tycoon. More active tycoon with higher TiV could have more discount, but the selling price remains the same for all tycoons. This is to make sure new tycoons are not discouraged from successful tycoons who sells alott. Tycoons can also add their own product in the tycoonplace and make profits.

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