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Self-owned products for Tweebaa product showroom

The tycoons can suggest their own products to the shared product showroom of Tweebaa so that thousands of tycoons all over the world can sell the products in their tycoonplace. While adding own products a tycoon has to consider the profit margin for Tweebaa and also for the tycoons who want to resell it to consumers.

Tycoons must ensure that their selling price to consumers is not lower than the selling price recommended for other tycoons, so that competition is fair. The owner of the product should allow at least 32.5% of the profit margins for the products to be included in Tweebaa product showroom, while the Tweebaa product showroom adds at least 15% of the margin other sellers have a floating profit of at least 15%, so the tycoons are encouraged to sell more.

For example´╝Ü

If a tycoon sells his own product in his tycoonplace for $26.5, then the price they provide to the Tweebaa product showroom should be $20. Tweebaa will set a price of $23 for other tycoons, and the recommended selling price of the tycoon is $26.5. In this way, the sales price of the tycoons and other tycoons who originally provided the product is also $26.5.

If the price of a product provided by a tycoon to Tweebaa is $100, then the sales price in his own tycoonplace can not be lower than $132.25. In this example, the price for the Tweebaa is $115, while the selling price of the tycoon is $132.25. In other words, the tycoon must add at least 15% of the floating profit price based on the original price of $115.

If the product owner reduces the product price, then the price reduction will immediately reflect the Tweebaa and other tycoonplace about the change in price.

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