Advanced Tweebaology

What Tweebaa achieved?

Tweebaa integrates e-commerce with social network and blockchain technology into Earning Commerce. It transforms your unique interests, hobbies, skills, experiences, passions, talents and creativity into income without any investment. It changes the unfair traffic monetization from big social media platforms and allow individuals use social activities to realize its own value so that their own traffic is not wasted anymore.

  1. Tweebaa gives everyone their own digital space with all the e-commerce functions like buying and selling products, order management, inventory management, marketing management, transaction management and so on.
  2. Everyone can access their tycoonplace using Tweebaa App or website.
  3. Tweebaa tycoonplace provides social, ecommerce and content digitization for all tycoons.
  4. All tycoons can create their own unique digital products in Tweebaa tycoonplace by utilize their skills and knowledge. Tycoons could simply use one-click conversion feature to convert any post content into a digital product.
  5. Tweebaa brings the complete DRTV industry online and let tycoons to participate. Tycoons not only able to share their ideas, skills, talent, experience, but also have the opportunity to evaluate the products suggested by other tycoons in Tweebaa. Tycoons also get free access to huge product showroom. All tycoon contributions will be rewarded by Tweebaa.
  6. Tweebaa lets everyone to recognize and turn their values and productize it to earn money. Every attention contributes to Tweebaa influence value (TiV) and it is linked directly to rewards. No matter a tycoon shares, evaluates, sells, suggests, or invites people, they get rewarded for any activities.

Tweebaa integrates the e-commerce, social network and blockchain technology to form a unique value generating system and share economy. This means we offer a platform that benefits everyone, where everyone can turn their unique interests, hobbies, skills, experiences, passions, talents and creativity into income without any investment.

Tweebaa represents the present and the future. Popular social network companies are now making a lot of money from user’s traffic. We are determined to change this trend by integrating blockchain technology and unique social networking method so that users contribution, values and resources are evenly distributed. Everyone’s daily social activities will be for themselves, won’t let social network companies to take advantage.

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