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Sharing is a very important function in Tweebaa tycoonplace, it can expand the influence of the tycoon and attract traffic to their tycoonplace. Every time you share, you have an opportunity to get rewards and more traffic is generated. Whether sharing products or sharing moments, all shared clicks are counted towards your tycoonplace.The tycoons can not only share their products, but also share the tycoonplace. Once the shared product sells you get reward for each sales. Sharing is widely used in mainstream social media such as China's Weibo, WeChat, qq space, Facebook, etc. Tycoonplace in short is powerful and easy to operate and it rewards for sharing. Tycoons can publish and share their own content or products and any sale means the tycoon is rewarded so no traffic is wasted for the efforts made by tycoon.

The reward is calculated based on your TiV and it grows based on your level of influence (the number of people you influence to buy the products) and your enthusiasm as a tycoon (ie a member). For example, if you have a total of 530 bonus points and you reach level 4 (that is, get the title of assistant manager), the reward for each new item will be 2%. When your bonus points reach 2,001, you will receive a directorship (ie at level 6) and your reward for each new product sold will increase to 3%. We reward you as a successful sharer and active tycoonplace member! Check the reward table for more information on reward levels.

TiV value Level Tycoon Status Share Reward
TiV < = 5 1 Staff 0.5%
5<= TiV < = 15 2 Coordinator 0.75%
15<= TiV < = 25 3 Supervisor 1%
25<= TiV < = 35 4 Assistant Manager 1.25%
35<= TiV < = 45 5 Manager 1.5%
45<= TiV < = 55 6 Director 1.75%
55<= TiV < = 65 7 Vice President 2%
65<= TiV < = 75 8 President 2.25%
75<= TiV 9 CEO 2.5%

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