Introductory Tweebaology

What is Tweebaa tycoonplace

Tweebaa tycoonplace is a free digital space provided by Tweebaa for all tycoons to promote themselves as a brand and increase the influence beyond their own network.

In general terms, this digital space is a website, which belongs to the registered user. It is free and comes with powerful features. A tycoonplace provides independent, user friendly and safe digital space for users who want to promote themselves as a brand. In this virtual space, users can create and market themselves by realizing their values from their life experiences, culture, work, hobbies, personal collections, inventions or more, set the price then turn these into innovative products and sell on their own tycoonplace.

Tweebaa tycoonplace is an important place where users can generate influence, circulate the value in earning ecosystem, manage their products, attract and interact with consumers, publish their own digital or physical products in Tweebaa earning ecosystem. Through different tycoons their products can be easily promoted and influence can be quickly expanded without any cost. Every product can be turned into value in Tweebaa.

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