Advanced Tweebaology

Benefits of a value generating social platform

Tweebaa tycoonplace simply equals your own website. It allows you to have a clear understanding of your traffic and it won’t be wasted. The more traffic to your tycoonplace means the bigger you social network, which increase your influence and have more value.

A value-generating social platform allows you to make money while socializing and it is different than traditional way where social networks trying to make money from the traffic you generated. Tweebaa tycoonplace allows users to make money naturally when they socialize. Any contents tycoon creates while socializing can be rewarded with Tweebaa coins. Tycoons can create different kind of contents and turn them into digital products with its own price. The interaction is not only from tycoon’s own network, but from other tycoons as well. They could help each other because every tycoon is looking for new and good products to sell in their tycoonplace. This makes the whole earning ecosystem sustainable and lets everyone promote and sell the products to enhance social value and create value generation.

Tweebaa allows you to build your own brand and exchange value in the global marketplace so you can expand sales and your social network. Simply sign up for a free tycoonplace then you can get free access to thousands of great products. Nowadays people spend lots of time in their social networks to build their own network and influence, however the current one-dimensional value system restrict users to make good earnings. Users do not have a clear understanding on the value of their traffic. For example when someone shares a content in social media and it becomes viral the user doesn’t benefit from it, but the social media platform benefit as more and more people are visiting their platform. Tweebaa has changed this system and it allows users to benefit from their own information, products, brands, and website traffic. Current social media users can only share content with friends and family, but with tycoonplace you can share tycoonplace with everyone and expand your reach beyond your own networks. Tycoonplace is your own website, where you can get attention and build up influence without wasting any traffic. Tycoonplace is not just a simple content exchange platform, but it is a value generating and exchange platform. The more traffic you have, the wider your social network and greater your influence. With Tweebaa you could generate more value through your tycoonplace and your traffic is no longer wasted.

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